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    Rules of the Forums Empty Rules of the Forums

    Post by Jibril on Fri Oct 16, 2009 5:58 pm

    As much of you do not know, there is a couple of rules I need to put.

    Rule 1 : Do not spam! Spamming is known as annoying random posts that do not belong in that place. If you spam 1 time, you'll be warned, 2nd time, and you'll get a 1 day banning.

    Rule 2 : No double posting. Double posting is when you have one post made by yourself, then you post another one under that. That is not allowed here, and you will be warned twice. Then banned for 2 days.

    Rule 3 : No cussing. As if you have seen, some cussing words have been censored and replaced by another non-bad word. If I catch you doing that, you will be banned.

    Rule 4 : Stay active. If you make an account and just leave it, whats the point of having it?? You are supposed to stay active by posting at least once a day. If you do not post and just stay neutral, you will be deleted.

    Those are the rules that I have thought of right now, but if anything else happens, I'll add it here Smile

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